Tellhow EST has won the opening up in Sichuan agricultural biogas field


Tellhow EST has won the opening up in Sichuan agricultural biogas field


   On May 27, 2021, JINGYAN County, Sichuan Province, held an on-site meeting on high quality development of rural energy. Before the meeting, participants visited the large-scale biogas project in JINGYAN county. Participants unanimously affirmed the mode of the project.




Large scale biogas project in JINGYAN county is invested and constructed by LESHAN hi-tech investment group, covering an area of 28000 m2. The project collects and processes 274000 tons of excrement and 23600 tons of straw every year. It can produce 5.76 million m3 of biogas, 11.52 MWH of power generation, 25000 tons of solid organic fertilizer, 245000 tons of biogas slurry fertilizer, and is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 19.81 million yuan.



 The visit was attended by a large number of experts, project technical directors, investors and government officials, with a total of nearly 200 people. It fully reflects the government's attention to this project.




One of the core equipment of INGYAN large-scale biogas project, biogas power station, is undertaken by Beijing Tellhow EST, a subsidiary of Tellhow Si-tech. On May 27, the project manager of Tellhow EST overcame all kinds of difficulties. Under the condition that the unit has not yet been fully equipped with stable operation, the unit started smoothly and operated with load for 7.5 hours. It provides enough stable debugging power supply for the downstream organic fertilizer production workshop. During this period, No. 1 gas-fired generator unit generated 2930kwh of electricity and consumed 1093 m3 of biogas. The average biogas power generation per cubic meter reaches 2.67kwh.




With the beginning of China's carbon emission reduction action, Sichuan Provincial Rural Revitalization bureau began to deploy a large number of biogas projects in the local area. This meeting has set a clear direction and a reproducible template for the utilization mode of biogas project in Sichuan Province. I believe that Tellhow EST will make its own contribution in the subsequent battle of carbon emission reduction.




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