Dual Fuel Generator Set

Tellhow EST, in cooperation with CSSC, can provide the users with a global leading level of dual fuel power generation set.

Tellhow EST, in cooperation with CSSC, can provide the users with a global leading level of dual fuel power generation set. The engine is arranged in line with output power of 405kw per cylinder. We can provide customers with four power generating sets of 6, 7, 8 and 9. In the process of R & D, the engine has been cooperating with AVL in depth and has adopted a lot of advanced technology. The main advantages include:

1. Lean burn and Miller cycle technology are adopted in the engine, with engine efficiency up to 47.2%, high power density and BMEP of 19.2bar;

2. The engine uses spark plug ignition system with precombustion chamber to realize the whole area ignition at the same time, which makes the ignition more rapid and the combustion more sufficient.

3. The dual injector is used, the main injector is used for diesel fuel injection, and micro injector is used for fuel gas mode ignition. The rail pressure is up to 1200bar, and the pilot fuel quantity is only 1%;

4. The generator set adopts ECU control system, which can accurately control the air-fuel ratio, combustion pressure and ignition timing of each cylinder, and realize the independent control of each cylinder, so as to effectively improve the performance of each cylinder and the intelligence of the engine.

5. The gas and oil switch quickly for 1 second, and the speed fluctuation rate meets the requirements of the specification;

6. The closed crankcase respiratory system fully meets the emission index of Tier II, NOx is less than 2.4 g/kW·h;

7. The engine adopts the design of gas double wall pipe, explosion-proof valve is installed in the intake and exhaust pipes, and gas leakage monitoring is designed to realize intrinsic safety;

8.  The design life of parts is long, and the overhaul period is 60000h;

9.  The engine adopts segmented connecting rod, modular unit, etc., which is easy to disassemble and dismantle.


Model ES 2000 DF5 ES 2340 DF5 ES 2670 DF5 ES 3000 DF5
Engine Model 6ACD320DF 7ACD320DF 8ACD320DF 9ACD320DF
Electric power (kW) 2000 2695 3080 3000
Bore (mm) 320 320 320 320
Stroke(mm) 420 420 420 420
Configuration I6 I7 I8 I9
Rated Speed (RPM) 750  750  750  750
Electrical Efficiency (%) (Gas model) 46.5% 46.5% 46.5% 46.5%
Electrical Efficiency (%) (Diesel model) 46% 46% 46% 46%
Genset Length(mm) 8137 8955 9710 10450
Genset Width (mm) 2437 2437 2437 2437
Genset Height (mm) 4102 4102 4305 4305
Genset Weight (Kg) 55000 62000 69000 76000
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