HETIAN REIVE@8MW power plant


Project : Hetian river Gas Treatment Plant, Tarim Oilfield            

Power plant scale: 4*2000 KW, 11.5 KV, 50 Hz            

Fuel: LNG            


Project description:            

This power station is for a gas treatment plant in the upper reaches of Hetian River. It belongs to PetroChina Xinjiang Branch. The power station is located deep in the desert, about 150 kilometers from the nearest town, and the State Grid is unable to provide power supply services. Therefore, the operation mode of the power station is island operation. The power requirement of the factory is 6MW. The operation mode of the power station is: three equipment’s are in operation and one equipment is in reserve.           

Suppliers provide life-cycle maintenance services. At present, the power station has been running for 22,500 hours.  


Supply services:            

Four set Cummins C2000N5C gas gensets, 4 set heat-conducting oil boilers, 4 set remote radiators, 4 set 100M3 LNG tanks, 4 set 600m3/h vaporizers, 1 set medium-voltage distribution cabinets, 1 set master control panel of power plants. 


Design services:            

Gas generation system design, cooling system design, heat recovery design, grid-connected device design, power plant layout, primary circuit diagram      


Engineering services:            

The main genset is transported to the site, and the auxiliary equipment is transported to the site. Pipeline connection guidance, Cable connection,  LNG equipment test and commissioning, Gas genset test and commissioning,Heat recovery equipment test and commissioning, Synchronization cabinet commissioning, Power station system joint commissioning Acceptance testing.      


After-sale service:            

2000 Hours Maintenance*9            

4000 Hours Maintenance*3            

10000 Hours Maintenance*2


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