WUZHAI LNG@3.5MW power station


Project : Wuzhai LNG factory of GUOXIN ENERGY           

Power plant scale: 3*1160 KW, 11.5 KV, 50 Hz            

Fuel: LNG            


Project description:            

This project is used to supply power to a new LNG factory. Because of the shortage of power supply in LNG plant, it is necessary to supply power to LNG plant within two years. The main load of the LNG factory is a 1120KW motor, the total load of the factory is about 1800KW. In order to start this large motor successfully, we installed an ABB high-voltage inverter for the factory. Through this inverter and the super-strong single-step carrying capacity of Cummins gas engine, the electric motor was successfully started.  


Supply services:            

Three set Cummins C1160N5C gas gensets, 1 set ABB Inverter,3 set remote radiators, 1 set 100M3 LNG tanks, 1 set 500m3/h vaporizers, 1 set medium-voltage distribution cabinets, 1 set Master control panel of power plants.            


Design services:            

Gas generation system design, cooling system design, Calculating Table of Start-up Capability of Inverter, Grid-connected device design, power plant layout, primary circuit diagram            


Engineering services:            

The main genset is transported to the site, 

and the auxiliary equipment is transported to the site. 

Pipeline connection guidance, 

Cable connection, 

LNG equipment test and commissioning, 

Gas genset test and commissioning,

Inverter test and commissioning, 

Synchronization cabinet commissioning, 

Power station system joint commissioning

Acceptance testing. 


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