Center Asia pipeline@40MW power station


Project : Power station group of Center Asia Gas Pipeline

Power plant scale: 4*1160 KW, 11.5KV, 50 Hz            

Fuel: LNG/NG


Project description:            

A total of 32 compression stations in the Central Asia Pipeline Project use the gas power plants we designed and supplied. 4 set 1160 kW gas gensets and 1 set 500 KW diesel genset are used in each power station. Two gas genset operate and two gas genset stand-by. Diesel genset is used as black start power supply. LNG is used as fuel in the initial stage of power plant start-up, and pipeline natural gas is used as fuel after one year's stable operation. All genset are arranged in containers.            

 In order to ensure the short-term delivery of the power plant, all gensets are transported directly from the UK to Kazakhstan site, and all auxiliary equipment, including acoustic enclosure, are transported directly from Chinese factories to Kazakhstan sites. All equipment’s in the container are precisely designed by BIM software, which ensures that the generator set can be installed directly after it arrives at the site.            

In order to conduct unified command in China's command center, all power stations adopt satellite timing devices. In order to ensure the high reliability of pipeline operation, all control systems adopt redundancy system design.            

As China's No. 1 project, all the power stations have been successfully commissioned once and get the award from PetroChina Headquarters.


Supply services:            

 Four set Cummins C1160N5C gas gensets with acoustic enclosure,one set Cummins C500D5C diesel genset with acoustic enclosure, 4 set remote radiators, 2 set 50M3 LNG tanks, 2 set 400m3/h  vaporizers, 1 set synchronization panel, 1 set Master control panel of power plants.      


Design services:            

Gas generation system design, cooling system design, Synchronization design, satellite time transfer, power plant layout, primary circuit diagram            


Engineering services:            

The main genset is transported to the site, and the auxiliary equipment is transported to the site. Pipeline connection guidance, Cable connection, LNG equipment test and commissioning, Gas genset test and commissioning,Satellite time transfer test and commissioning, Synchronization cabinet commissioning, Power station system joint commissioning Acceptance testing.            



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