Project : Jingyan Poultry Manure Biogas Power Generation Project 

Power plant scale: 2*800 KW, 400V, 50 Hz            

Fuel: Biogas         


Project description:            

 The owner of this project is Leshan High-tech Investment Co., Ltd. The project is mainly for the treatment of livestock manure in Jingyan County. The current plan is to treat 270,000 tons of manure and 4,000 tons of straw each year. It can produce 5 million cubic meters of biogas every year, with an estimated power generation of 10 million kWh and 20,000 tons of carbon-based fertilizers. The installed capacity of the biogas power station is 1.6MW, and the unit adopts MWM2016 gas engine, and the power generation efficiency can reach more than 42%, which can provide users with good economic benefits.


Supply services:            

 2 sets of ES 800N5 gas generator sets. 2 sets of heat recovery systems, 2 sets of remote radiators, 2 sets of silent boxes, 2 sets of  breaker cabinets, 1 set of paralleling control cabinets, and 1 set of gas processing system.


Urgent delivery service:

Due to the tight schedule of the project, the customer only gave 30 days from signing the contract to delivery. The Tellhow EST team took only 25 days from the procurement, assembly, FAT, transportation, and installation of engines and generators.


Design services:            

Gas generation system design, cooling system design, heat recovery design, grid-connected device design, power plant layout, primary circuit diagram        


Engineering services:            

Biogas pretreatment project

Commissioning of biogas pipeline and flare device

Basic production of generator set

Cable trench production

Generator set installation

Pipe and cable connection

Filling of coolant and lubricating oil

Commissioning of biogas generator set

Heat recovery equipment test and commissioning, 

Synchronization cabinet commissioning, 

Power station system joint commissioning

Acceptance testing.            



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