Project : Jiaxing Green Energy Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Biogas Power Generation Project        

Power plant scale: 1*600 KW,400V, 50 Hz            

Fuel: Biogas         


Project description:            

Jiaxing Green Energy is a local company that handles food waste. The factory they established in Xiuhe Town can process 110,000 tons of kitchen waste each year, produce 3,000 tons of industrial oil and 3 million cubic meters of biogas. The second phase of the project will increase production capacity tenfold,

Tellhow EST constructed an ES 600N5 gas-fired generator set for the first phase of the project. The gas engine uses MWM's TCG2016V12, which can output a continuous power of 600KW, and the power generation efficiency exceeds 41%.

This power station has been officially put into operation on April 26, 2021, and the annual power generation is expected to reach 4.8 million kilowatt-hours. This equipment will bring considerable economic benefits to the owner.


Supply services:            

1 sets of ES 600N5 gas generator sets. 1 sets of heat recovery systems, 1 sets of remote radiators, 1 sets of silent boxes, 1 sets of  breaker cabinets, 1 set of paralleling control cabinets, and 1 set of gas processing system.


Design services:            

Gas generation system design, cooling system design, heat recovery design, grid-connected device design, power plant layout, primary circuit diagram    


Engineering services:            

Biogas pretreatment project

Commissioning of biogas pipeline and flare device

Basic production of generator set

Cable trench production

Generator set installation

Pipe and cable connection

Filling of coolant and lubricating oil

Commissioning of biogas generator set

Heat recovery equipment test and commissioning, 

Synchronization cabinet commissioning, 

Acceptance testing.    


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