YUXIAN CMM@48MW power plant


Project : Yuxian county SHANGSHE town CMM power generation project

Power plant scale:  48MW        

Fuel: CMM (Coal Mining Methane)       


Project description:            

 This project is located in YUXIAN County, Shanxi Province. It uses low-concentration gas from two nearby coal mines to build a CMM (Coal Mining Methane) power station. The CMM fuel for this power station is a mixture of 8% methane and 92% air. The power station uses 15 sets of 1000KW low-concentration methane generator sets and 30 sets of 1100KW high-concentration methane generator sets, with a total capacity of 48MW. It can generate 324 million kWh each year, with a total investment of 377.8 million yuan. This power station can save 100,000 tons of standard coal every year, reduce CO2 emissions by about 1.2 million tons, and SO2 emissions by 10,000 tons. Electricity is integrated into the national grid, and the waste heat is used to provide winter heating to nearby residents.


Supply services:            

Tellhow EST provided 15 sets of ES 900X5 gas generator sets and 30 sets of ES 1100N5 gas generator sets for the project. And the surrounding supporting equipment. Mainly include gas treatment, waste heat recovery, silent box, electrical output cabinet, grid-connected control cabinet and other equipment.


Design services:            

Power plant layout drawing, plant structure drawing, generator set system design, cooling system design, heat recovery design, grid-connected equipment design, power plant layout, primary circuit diagram. 


Engineering services:            

Fuel pretreatment project

Basic production of generator set

Cable trench construction

Generator set installation

Pipe and cable connection

Fill with coolant and lubricating oil

Generator set debugging

Heat recovery equipment testing and commissioning,

Synchronous cabinet debugging,

Acceptance Test.          


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