Project : CHP Power Station in Beijing Dongyi Food Industry Park

Power plant scale:  2*500 KW gas genset + 2*4T steam boiler            

Fuel: LNG/NG


Project description:            

This project is a power station we invested in Dongyi Food Science and Technology Industrial Park in Beijing to provide electricity,steam and hot water for the industrial park. Two set gas gensets of MAN Company and two set low-emission boilers of HAILU heavy industry are used in the power station. The jacket water and exhaust of the gas genset used to heat the boiler's inlet water. After calculation, the waste heat of each genset can raise the temperature of water intake from 30℃ to 99℃ and save 48 m3 natural gas per hour for boilers. The intercooled water of the genset is used to provide hot water for the factory.            

Dual gas systems are used for fuel supply. When the price of LNG is low in summer (about 2600 yuan/T), LNG is used as fuel in power plants. When LNG ragas, it can also provide freezing water (ethylene glycol solution) of -10℃ for the cold storage, which can save electricity for the cold storage. In winter, power stations use gas pipelines with stable prices. Beijing Gas Group can pro vide 2.8 yuan/m3 of natural gas for the power station. LNG was used for 7 months per year.            


The supply scope of the power plant includes: 

Natural gas genset, low emission boilers, steam distribution  pipes, exhaust heat recovery, jacket water heat recovery, intercooling water heat recovery, standby radiator, LNG storage tanks, vaporizers (water bath type), SCR device, natural gas pressure regulating valves, heat storage tanks, softer water system, electricity tariff measurement, steam tariff measurement, hot water tariff measurement, LNG transport vehicle weighing, stainless steel chimney, master  control panel, duty room. 80 dB acoustic enclosure is used in all genset.    


The scope of power plant engineering includes:            

Generator room Boiler room, Gas metering room, LNG unloading plaza, Auxiliary equipment room,Independent chimney erection, The foundation of all equipment, pipeline connection of all equipment and cable connection Monitoring and duty room.      


The service scope of the power plant includes:     

Daily operation and maintenance of power plants, LNG/NG procurement, storage and regasification Power metering and charging,  Steam metering and charging, Hot water metering and charging.   Power plant operation time: 10 years. 


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