Project : Shandong Zhenlong Biochemical Group Cogeneration Project

Power plant scale:  4MW        

Fuel: Biogas      


Project description:            

 ZHENGLONG Biochemical uses potatoes as raw materials and produces 100,000 tons of edible alcohol, 60,000 tons of DDG feed, and 200 tons of fuel oil per year. It is one of the largest industrial alcohol manufacturers in China. In order to meet environmental protection discharge standards, ZHENGLONG Biochemical has invested 65 million yuan to transform the sewage treatment process. The biogas produced by sewage reaches 10,000 cubic meters per hour. 80% is used to generate steam, and about 20% of the biogas is surplus, which is used by factories to generate electricity.

The factory uses two 2MW biogas generator sets, and the waste heat is used by the absorption chiller to produce 7 degrees Celsius chilled water to provide a cold source for the alcohol production process, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the entire production process by about 13.5%. Has a very good energy saving effect. 

This combined cooling and power project can save the factory 22,000 tons of standard coal and reduce the waste water discharge by 704,000 tons every year. 


Supply services:            

Tellhow EST provided 2 sets of C2000N5C gas generator sets,2 sets of absorption chillers, 2 sets of output cabinets, one set of control system, one set of gas regulating valve, two sets of waste heat recovery equipment.


Design services:            

Plant layout, generator set system design, cooling system design, refrigeration piping design, heat recovery design, grid-connected equipment design, primary circuit diagram, control circuit design.


Engineering services:            

Biogas pretreatment device

Generator set installation

Pipe and cable connection

Fill with coolant and lubricating oil

Generator set debugging

Absorption chiller commissioning

Commissioning of Cogeneration System

Heat recovery equipment testing and commissioning,

Synchronous cabinet debugging,

Acceptance Test.      


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