High Power Gas Genset

This engine is the most efficient product in its class, which can maximize the economic benefits of customers.
Low lubricating oil consumption, thereby reducing operating costs.
Small footprint (up to 50%), reducing installation costs.
The advanced engine control system makes the unit suitable for various gas types and maximizes the output power, even when the gas quality fluctuates.
The maintenance cycle is long, and maintenance costs are reduced through continuous R&D and upgrading.

High Power Gas Genset of Tellhow EST 



The high-power gas genset produced by Tellhow EST mainly uses three types  of engines. 500KW unit uses Liebherr’s G9512, 600 and 800KW units use  MWM’s TCG3016 engine, 1100-1800KW units use 170 series engines with  independent intellectual property rights, and all technical parameters are in line  with MWM’s TCG3020 series engines. , The coincidence rate of technical  parameters has reached a similarity of 95%, and certain key technologies have  also been surpassed. The birth of the 170 series gas engine fully reflects the  improvement of China's manufacturing capacity and breaks the monopoly of  foreign products of the same type.

All models of the high-power gas generator sets manufactured by Tellhow EST  have exceeded 40% power generation efficiency, and the overhaul period has  reached more than 60,000 hours, and the operation and maintenance costs  have also been reduced to less than 0.1 yuan/KWH (the realization of this  indicator requires Sign an operation and maintenance contract with us).


For customers who are more sensitive to gas prices, we are more willing to  provide ES 500N5A gas generator sets with higher power generation efficiency.  The engine of this unit is independently designed and manufactured by the  Swiss Bulle company, namely the famous Liebherr’s G9512 engine. In this  power section, the thermal efficiency can be as high as 44%, which is a good  choice for cogeneration or independent power generation in areas with high  natural gas prices.


Performance and efficiency

Relying on a mechanical efficiency of 44%, Liebherr gas  engines provide the  best efficiency performance  in  its  performance category. This efficiency value is the result of  years of dedication to gaining application experience, careful  selection of components, extensive development work, and a  high degree of system integration in the field of hardware and  software.



Complete supporting facilities

Liebherr gas engines are characterized by high efficiency and  high availability. In order to maintain these properties for a  long time, the engine is fully equipped. Tellhow EST has been  optimized for the engine and provides a "plug and play"  solution. All components have passed engine verification and  extensive testing. Direct integration in the system saves you  valuable time and money.


Model ES 500N5A ES 600N5 ES800N5 ES 1100N5 ES1460 N5 ES1800N5
Engine Model G9512 3016V12 3016V16 12V-170 16V-170 20V-170
Electric power(KW) 500 600 800 1100 1460 1800
Displacement(L) 25 26.3 35 53.1 70.8 88.5
Configuration V12 V12 V16 V12 V16 V20
Electrical Efficiengy(%) 40.1 40.2 40.7 41.2 41.5 41.7
Rated Speed(RPM) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Genset Length(mm) 4900 3690 4090 4090 6150 7320
Genset Width(mm) 2000 2490 1590 1590 1700 1700
Genset Height(mm) 2200 2190 2190 2190 2615 2615
Genset Weight(Kg) 5500 7000 8450 8560 15000 17000


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