New exploration on Application of pyrolysis gas


Tellhow EST is currently in contact and negotiation with a famous Czech solid waste treatment company to optimize the complex gas application process after pyrolysis of waste tires. At present, Europe mainly uses 50KW gas engine to deal with this kind of complex gas. Tellhow EST proposed to use internal hybrid engine instead of turbocharged engine, so as to effectively avoid the flashback and deflagration of intake pipe caused by high hydrogen fuel combustion speed. The output power of the generator set can also be increased to 500kW.


After adopting the new process, the power of the generator set is greatly increased, thus saving a lot of plant space, which can effectively increase the tire handling capacity by 3-5 times.


Tellhow EST team is also actively exploring how to improve the assembly process of domestic units to make them meet and pass the European manufacturing standards.



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