Airlifted equipment


The State Grid Corporation of China is the largest and most complex power grid company in the world. It has 1.1 billion users, a service area of ​​8 million square kilometers, a registered capital of up to 380 billion yuan, and an annual turnover  of up to 380 billion US dollars. Following the "carbon neutrality" goal proposed by the President of China, State Grid has also begun to adjust its energy structure. The construction of a low power CCHP system (that is, using natural gas as an energy source to provide buildings with cold, heat, and electricity) is an important part of the national grid energy structure adjustment.


In order to test the stability, reliability and energy efficiency of the low power CCHP system, and to facilitate the widespread promotion of this technology in the future, the State Grid Corporation of China built a 357KW CCHP system in the Beijing NANRUI Industrial Park of State Gird. Tellhow EST successfully won the bid for the gas genset of this project. The winning equipment was the 400 series gas genset produced by MTU in Germany. Tellhow EST will equip the genset with auxiliary equipment such as gas treatment, SCR, heat recovery, silent enclosure, and paralleling breaker.


In order to ensure that the CCHP system can be put into operation before the summer of 2021, the genset will arrive at the construction site in Beijing by May 1, 2021 at the latest. However, the accidental blockage of the Suez Canal caused a large number of equipment to be blocked in Europe. Faced with increasingly tight schedules, Tellhow EST decided to use air freight to send the 4-ton genset to Beijing.

The profit of this project is actually not enough to pay for air freight, but Tellhow EST still made this difficult decision. Because the interests of customers, in our hearts, are above all else.


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