Gasifier In Operation


At the invitation of ENN Gas Mudanjiang Branch, Kevin Li, General Manager of Tellhow EST, visited ENN Biomass Energy Station in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province on April 27, 2021.

The large-scale biomass gasifier used in this energy station can process 7 tons of biomass materials per hour and 50,000 tons of biomass straw a year. This equipment can produce 6000 cubic meters of combustible gas per hour. The Mudanjiang branch of ENN Group uses this fuel to drive two 20-ton boilers to provide steam for nearby Budweiser Beer and WANJING Dairy.

When Kevin Li arrived at the site, the boiler was shut down for maintenance, so everyone boarded the 40-meter-high gasifier platform to check the operation of the equipment. The person in charge of the branch communicated with Kevin in detail about the use of the equipment.

According to the operation of the equipment in Mudanjiang, Tellhow EST believes that this equipment can use a variety of biomass materials to provide customers with electricity, steam or industrial fuels, and it can be smoothly commercialized.

Tellhow EST will use this most advanced biomass gasifier in subsequent biomass power plant projects.


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