Jingyan Biogas Project


 January 26, 2021 is the week before the Chinese New Year. It took only 30 days for Tellhow EST to provide LESHAN High-tech Investment with two 800KW biogas gensets for the livestock manure treatment plant in JINGYAN County. This emergency delivery laid the foundation for the project to be formally connected to the grid for power genset in May 2021.


The poultry manure treatment plant is the only project in Sichuan Province with a "full centralized treatment" model. It is mainly for the centralized treatment of livestock and poultry farming manure in JINGYAN County. The project covers an area of 28,000 m2 with a total investment of 101 million yuan. The system adopts medium temperature anaerobic fermentation technology, and the annual centralized treatment of 274 thousand tons of livestock and poultry manure and 4 thousand tons of straw; annual production of 5.76 million m3 of biogas.


The genset provided by Tellhow EST is ES 800N5, which can output a continuous power of 800KW under the condition of using biogas. ES800N5 uses the TCG2016V16 gas engine provided by MWM Company. The reliable operation time per year exceeds 8000 hours, and the power generation efficiency reaches More than 41%.


In addition to providing generator sets, Tellhow EST also provides auxiliary equipment such as waste heat recovery devices, noise reduction boxes, SCRs, and grid-connected control cabinets.


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