SHAANXI COKE@33MW power plant


Project: Shaanxi Coke Gas Power Station

Power plant scale:  33MW        

Fuel: Coke gas       


Project description:      

The characteristics of coke oven gas are high content of H2 and CO, low content of hydrocarbons, high content of ineffective gas, and high content of H2S and tar in the fuel. This type of gas fuel is a typical industrial waste gas, and it is a more harmful greenhouse gas. Another charact eristic of coke oven gas is its huge output. Small coke companies will emit 200 million cubic meters a year.

 In view of the above characteristics, Tellhow Xinyuan and its partners have developed a high-hydrogen fuel internal combustion generator set with a single power of 3MW. The equipment model is TNE4000H. Under the condition of low calorific value fuel, the output power of the generator set can reach more than 3MW.

We designed a 30MW coal-fired power station for a coal-fired coal company in Shaanxi, and installed 10 sets of 3.3MW gas gensets, a set of coke gas treatment device, and a waste heat recovery device. It is expected to be partially connected to the grid for power generation in June this year.


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