Project:  Shandong JINYIMENG Compound Fertilizer Company Biogas Power Generation Project

Power plant scale:  12MW        

Fuel: Biogas    


Project description:            

JINYIMENG Compound Fertilizer Company is a large-scale private enterprise with total assets of 2.7 billion yuan. This company can produce 800,000 tons of acetate and 1 million tons of fertilizers every year. It is a famous supplier of acetate, organic aldehydes, compound fertilizers, and fermented alcohol products in China. After the company's production sewage is processed, it can produce 6000 m3 of biogas per hour.

Tellhow EST provided JINYIMENG with 12MW gas power stations, including 7 sets of 1169kW (400V) and 4 sets of 1554kW (10.5kV) gas genset, as well as matching gas processing devices, silent covers, and heat recovery systems. And electrical control cabinet. 

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