Project : Nanjing Phoenix Data Center Energy Station Project

Power plant scale:  6MW        

Fuel: Nature gas       


Project description:            

Nanjing Phoenix Data Center is a T3 level data center. In order to apply for LEAD certification, the owner originally planned to use 8 1600KW diesel generator sets as backup. Later, it was repaired to become 5 sets of 1600KW diesel generator sets + 3 sets of 2000KW gas generator sets + 3 sets of 250 kcal absorption chillers. Tellhow EST provided 5 sets of C2000D5C diesel generator sets, 3 sets of C2000N5C gas generator sets, 3 sets of absorption chillers for the project, as well as the supporting gas processing system, cooling system, fuel system, and electrical control system. It can provide highly reliable power and cooling capacity for data centers. The total output is 15MW of electricity and 10MW of chilled water. After testing, the actual energy utilization rate was 84.6%. 


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