Project : Shanghai Hongqiao Business District Energy Station

Power plant scale:  11.2MW        

Fuel: Nature gas       


Project description:            

Shanghai Hongqiao Business District has built China's first low-carbon business district. In order to meet low-carbon requirements, Hongqiao Business District has built a 12MW cogeneration project to provide high-reliability power and heating energy for owners of 200,000 square meters of buildings in the business district, including offices, restaurants, and hotels.

Tellhow EST provided 8 sets of C1400N5C gas-fired generator sets, 8 sets of absorption refrigeration units, as well as supporting facilities such as noise reduction devices, heat exchange devices, power distribution devices, automatic control systems, and water pump valves for the project. It can provide 12MW of electricity and 15MW of heat to the building. The energy efficiency of the system will reach about 85%

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