Open Type Generator Sets

The generator set comes with industrial engine, which adopts electronic fuel injection technology, advanced ADEC electronic management system, and compliant with EuroⅢ emission standards.

We choose world leading  industrial engine,which applies fuel common rail technique and digital ADEC electric managing system, long overhaul period,and its emission index meets German TALuft Standard,which energy-saving and environmental protective.
The coupled alternator uses TELLHOW, MARATHON,ABB,STAMFROD brushless generator, applying integral salient pole rotor technique, Class H insulation, and steel sheet body, ensuring its advanced performance, steady and reliable operation.
Our controller adopts multi-functional control module,which is specific for diesel gen-set. It has Chinese and English operating interface, and automatic/manual control function and kinds of parameter display and protection function.There are different intellectual modules for option,realizing auto-start control,auto-start control + communication,auto-start control + communication + auto paralleling, ATS between mains and generator set,and so on.

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