Biomass Pyrolysis Gasifier / Gas Power Station

In cooperation with ENN, Tellhow EST can provide gas power stations with solid biomass materials for customers. Including straw, wood chips, tires, fruit shells and other organic waste. Firstly, the biomass raw material is crushed and dried, and then the biomass raw material is pyrolyzed by thermal medium at high temperature to decompose the biomass raw material into combustible gas and carbon. The calorific value of combustible gas can reach more than 17.5MJ/Nm3, which can be used for power generation, boiler, industrial kiln and other purposes. Carbon can be recycled as fuel or carbon-based fertilizer.

 The following is the flow chart of 200,000 tons apple branch fast gasification power plant produced by Tellhow EST.













Due to the use of thermal medium heat conduction technology, the participation of air in the pyrolysis process is avoided. Without O2 and N2, the pyrolysis temperature can be increased to 800-900 ℃. Therefore, there is almost no tar and N2 in the gaseous fuel, and the calorific value of the gas is greatly increased. After gasification, the components of gaseous fuel are as follows:


Component H2 CH4 CO CO2 C2H6 C2H4 C2H2 C3H8 C3H6
Volume content(%) 19.00 18.12 46.55 9.51 1.98 2.15 0.04 0.18 0.76
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