Visit to MENGDA Titanium Industry

 MENGDA Titanium is located in Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia. It is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on titanium products. It is a listed company on the New OTC Market in China. The current output value is about 400 million yuan.    

Recently, MENGDA Titanium has been favored by the capital market and increased its production capacity by four times. It is expected that the annual output value will reach 2 billion yuan. But with it comes more stringent environmental protection requirements.

 At present, according to the data provided by the design institute, the submerged arc    furnace of MENGDA Titanium Industry will emit 23,000Nm3 of tail gas per hour. If it cannot be processed, the company will be suspended indefinitely. The best way to deal with this exhaust gas is to build a power station. Because the CO content in the exhaust gas exceeds 60%, this is a relatively good fuel.

According to the calculation by Tellhow EST technical team, MENGDA Titanium’s industrial exhaust gas will generate 17MW of power. Among them, the direct power generation of the exhaust gas is 14400KW, and the exhaust of the engine can reach 2500-2800KW.

 However, the investment in this power station is h  uge and is expected to reach 80 million yuan. After    completion, the annual income of the power station is about 27 million yuan, and it is expected to recover the cost in 3.5 years.

 After being invited by the chairman of MENGDA Titanium, the general manager of Tellhow EST and his party went to MENGDA Titanium's new  factory for a visit on July 8, 2021. Focus on the path of substations, new    power stations, new gas tanks, and new gas pipelines. And exchanges on the operation of MENGDA Titanium Industry.

After the abov  e work, it is believed that the progress of the MENGDA Titanium Industry Tail Gas Power Station will be further accelerated.

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