Project : Sinopec Sagiz Oilfield Power Station

Power plant scale: 9.32MW        

Fuel: Flare gas      


Project description:            

The power station is located in the Sagiz oil field in the interior of Kazakhstan, and the owner is Sinopec Overseas Exploration Company.

The fuel for the power station is untreated petroleum-associated gas with a heavy hydrocarbon content of more than 30%, which seriously affects the stable operation of the unit.

The environment of the power station is relatively harsh, with an altitude of 1250 meters, an extreme low temperature of -44 ℃, an extreme high temperature of +49 ℃, heavy snowfall, and strong wind.

The total installed capacity of the power station is 10MW. Tellhow EST provided 4 sets of C1750N5C and 2 set of C1160N5C gas genset, waste heat recovery device, load management system, remote cooling device, black start device, and station control system.

There are high-power motors frequently started in the base. 

Our company has improved the engine combustion control system and load management software to upgrade the power station technology. The power station can be operated stably without adding gas processing equipment.

At present, the power station has been in operation for 30,000 hours, and we regularly go to Kazakhstan to carry out 6,000-hour maintenance work on the power station.


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