New product release


As the gap between China's manufacturing technology and the world's advanced technology is getting smaller and smaller, we are more willing to show the excellent Chinese equipment to the world. Therefore, we recently launched two new high-power gas generator products.   

 The first is a 1000KW gas genset. 

The model of this genset is ES1000N5M, using a medium-speed engine, the main application is the field of independent power generation. This unit can withstand 0-50%, 50%-100%, 100%-0 load shocks, and the voltage and frequency changes basically meet the G2 standard. It has a good performance in many places where the power grid cannot be touched, but there is a high-power motor load. 

 The second product is a 2000KW gas genset.

The model of this unit is ES2000N5, using a 12V190 gas    engine, the engine uses lean burn technology, so that the power generation efficiency exceeds 40%. With the same fuel consumption, more electricity can be provided to users.

Please contact our sales staff for the technical parameters and scope of supply of the above two generator sets.

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