Biomass gasifier (container type)

The gasifiers provided by our company are widely applicable to biomass raw materials.
For the particle size and moisture content of materials, there is a large tolerance.
Due to the high temperature gasification technology, there is basically no tar, which is very friendly to the engine and boiler.
The container design can greatly reduce the installation time and installation costs of customers. It is very suitable for realizing independent power supply in areas with lush forests and lack of power grid.

The gasifier manufactured by Tellhow EST has simple air gasification technology (applicable to small power equipment) and complex absolute oxygen gasification technology (applicable to large power equipment). The power range of a single gasifier is from 50KW to 8000KW. Our gasifier can convert agricultural and forestry straw, animal offal, municipal domestic waste, oily sludge and other materials into clean gaseous fuel and a small amount of biochar. Gaseous fuel can directly drive engines, turbines and boilers to provide users with green power and steam products. Biocarbon can be made into carbon-based fertilizer, activated carbon and other products, and used in agriculture, medical and other fields. In order to facilitate users in remote areas, we have also launched a container-type gasifier, which can be installed and shaped in advance in the factory to achieve plug and play.


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