Ambon Island Biomass Gasification Power Station


On November 15, 2019, ZAINAL WALIDIN, senior technical consultant of Indonesian MMP company, and a group of four people went to China for inspection. Selection of equipment for the Ambon Island 10MW Biomass Gasification Power Plant to be constructed soon.


Accompanied by Kevin Li, general manager of Tellhow EST, he visited the 6MW biomass gasification power station in Jincheng in operation and Tellhow's headquarters building in Beijing, and conducted in-depth technical exchanges with the Tellhow EST team.


The two parties finally reached an agreement of intent. Tellhow EST agreed to provide 70% of the financial loan for the 10MW biomass power station built by PT. MMP on Ambon Island under suitable conditions for the purchase of all equipment for the power station. The equipment is the fast biomass gasifier produced by ENN and the high-hydrogen fuel generator set produced by Tellhow. The total installed capacity of the power station is 12MW, and the total investment is USD 16.12M.



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