Shaanxi Shenmu Coking Plant Industrial Tail Gas Power Station is about to be put into operation



On June 30, 2021, Tellhow Xinyuan General Manager Kevin Li and a group of four people went to a coking plant in Shenmu, Shaanxi that was about to be put into operation, and visited the upcoming industrial tail gas power station.

兰炭1.jpg 兰炭2.jpg
600,000 tons coking furnace Electric tar catching equipment


Tellhow EST is deeply involved in the project, providing industrial tail gas electric tar capture, dust removal and ammonia removal, purification, pressurization and other processes, as well as back-end power generation equipment for this project. The total investment of the project is approximately 18.46 million US dollars. The average investment per KW is about US$615.

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Tar storage tank Ammonia absorption tower


The project can process 30,000 m3 of industrial exhaust gas per hour. The components of exhaust gas mainly include H2, CO, CmHn, and the calorific value of fuel gas is between 1400-1700kcal/M3. The project has installed ten 3000KW generator sets and is currently undergoing commissioning. The on-site output power has reached 2700KW

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Accident torch Gas compressor


This project processed a large amount of harmful exhaust gas for a coking plant, making the exhaust emission target of the coking plant reach the extremely stringent Chinese emission standards, thus avoiding the end of forced closure.

 兰炭7.jpg   兰炭8.jpg 
Gas engine  Three-way exhaust pipe


This power station can produce 30,000 KWH of electricity per hour, except for the 4500 KWH used by the factory itself, the rest of the electricity is sent to the grid. Each year, it can generate additional economic income of 7.09 million US dollars for customers. The investment in the power station is expected to be fully recovered within 3 years.

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Monitoring Center Chimney 


Tellhow EST has been engaged in equipment supply and process innovation in the field of new energy power generation, hoping to achieve a win-win cooperation with customers in need.

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