Low BTU generator set

In the industrial field, there are many factory exhausts with a certain calorific value. For example, biomass pyrolysis gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, ferroalloy tail gas, yellow phosphorus tail gas and blue carbon tail gas. We call it low BTU fuel. These fuels have two characteristics: one is the low calorific value, which is only 20% or even lower than natural gas; the other is the complex composition, including high deflagration H2 and highly toxic CO in addition to methane. These two characteristics will make it difficult for high-speed engine to run. But the potential of this market is very huge, and it is also the main demand of the energy conservation and emission reduction market.


According to the complexity of this kind of fuel, the team of Tellhow EST united with domestic engine factories to develop a series of products with large cylinder diameter, long piston travel and low rated speed. The key components of the products are carburized, nitride and lined with zinc plate, which greatly improves the tolerance of the engine to complex fuels.


Considering the huge output of low calorific value gas, the products launched by Tellhow EST team are mainly high-power. It includes seven models of 500kW, 1000kW, 1100KW,1460kW, 1800kW,2700KW and 3300kW. Please refer to the table below for specific technical parameters.


Technical parameters

Model ES 500 X5 ES 1000 X5 ES 1100 X5 ES 1460 X5 ES1800 X5 EX 2700 X5 ES 3600 X5
Engine Model 8300 9300 12V-170 16V-170 20V-170 12V-280 16V-280
Electric power (kW)  500 1000 1100 1460 1800 2700 3600
Displacement (L) 214 241 53.1 70.8 88.5 214 286
Configuration I8 I9 V12 V16 V20 12/V 16/V
Rated Speed (RPM) 600 600 1500 1500 1500 1000 1000
Electrical Efficiency (%) 35.5 36 39.7 39.8 40.5 38.2 38.7
Genset Length(mm) 6400 8500 4090 6150 7320 7800 8500
Genset Width (mm) 1600 1900 1590 1700 1700 2150 2400
Genset Height (mm) 2900 3500 2190 2615 2615 3450 3400
Genset Weight (Kg) 22000 42000 8560 15000 17000 51000 58000
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